My reasons for becoming a celebrant

Who doesn’t love LOVE?  When we feel it, when we witness it, it brings out the best in us.  It brings out a loyalty and protectiveness in us that we didn’t know we had.  I have attended many weddings and, as with most of us, they always give me that warm, fuzzy feeling…..and sometimes a few tears!  It always seemed to me that it would be such a privilege to preside over such proceedings. After a number of years thinking I’d like to “do that” one day, I finally did it!  

Just as in a wedding we feel the love, so too in a funeral service.  I have also attended many funerals and have been aware of what an honour and privilege it is to preside over the farewell of a loved one.  

Of course, there is the beautiful ceremony of welcoming a baby to life and community.  Who doesn’t LOVE a baby?

It is my honour and privilege to guide couples in creating their dream wedding, and also to help grieving families give their loved one a beautiful goodbye or celebrating a child’s welcome to life.  I can’t guarantee I won’t shed a tear in either type of ceremony, I am only human, but I do know that everyone in attendance will feel the LOVE!

It’s not hard to understand why I became a celebrant.  There is no better job!


Marita Johnson